Thứ Hai, 22 tháng 2, 2016

Top Simple Tips for Better Resawing with your Band Saw

What is the best way to resaw your band saw effectively and simply? This is never an easy task for all of us. That’s why in this article we will give you some top simple tips to help you to resaw with your band saw effectively. Now, let’s have a look at them.

1. Choose the right blade
 As anyone know, not all the blade is the same and the right one for resawing. You should pay attention to the workpiece you perform to take the most suitable one.
A thick stock will cause an enormous amount of waste in each tooth shaves. Therefore, to gain the best efficiency, you should choose the blade with the reasonable size to maintain a reasonably productive feed rate with no trouble.

2. Optimize the performance
 One of the simplest way to resaw with your band saw is tension the blade. By this way, we can keep stock centered and prevent the blade from fluttering under thrust.
As the result, you can get the optimal performance.
An adequate blade tensions will help you more than you think even if the control is not perfect.
Especially, it is never easier for you with the current band saw products. You can take advantage of some current best blade type in the market for this purpose.

3. Feed at the right rate
This is a simple way to increase the performance of the band saw. Feeding at the right rate will help you to prevent the blade from dirty and low performance. If you feed too slowly, it’s easy for the blade to wear out. However, if you do too fast, it’s also not good at all. To have smooth surface, it should be performed at a moderate and consistent pace.
 4. Keep your blade clean
 Sanity is a problem to anything in the world, and the band saw is not an exception. The debris and crusted material can lower your band saw’s performance. Also, a blade with full of dust can prevent your band saw from working properly and smoothly. The sooner you clean the blade, the easier it will be for you to clean.
 5. Keep your work safely
 Keeping safe is one of the most thing you should keep I mind whenever doing with your band saw. You should remember that when turning the hard wood into sawdust, it may cause accident for you. Don’t forget to use a push block to push the stock instead of your hand.

Besides, there are many things that you should pay attention to resaw your band saw effectively including using point lock to guide your cut, adjusting the fence to the lead angle of the blade and many others.

These are 5 top simple things that you should do to resaw your band saw and get the best performance. Sometimes it’s not easy for the novice, but practice makes perfect, just go ahead and you can master it.